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Renegotiating an existing lease

Our view is that exercising an option for a further term should be considered by a business as a last resort.

Why? By exercising an option you forgo the opportunity to lower your rental and/or to negotiate lease concessions, including rent free.

We can provide you with a process and strategy to maximise your negotiating strength.

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Relocation to new premises / Finding new Premises

Finding new premises involves many phases, including space planning, briefing the market, inspecting premises, negotiating with real estate agents and landlords, fit-out, moving, and in most cases the “make good” of the vacated premises.

Why not use our expertise to save you time and money while you focus on your business?

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Make Good / Reinstatement of premises

The lease obligations of a tenant to make good or reinstate the premises back to base building upon vacating is often underestimated.

Make goods can be complex, time consuming and costly. We will mitigate your make good obligations and reduce your costs.

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Other Services we provide

  • Space Analysis, Design & Fit–out / Redesign of existing fit out
  • Property Valuations and Market Rent Reviews
  • Consultancy
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Our Values


We are proud to offer truly independent advice and expertise to our clients.


We understand the sensitive nature of business and property related decisions within an organisation and ensure complete confidentiality at all times to protect our client’s interests.


Our business has been built on strong results, successful outcomes and ongoing relationships with our clients. The trust and integrity required from both sides throughout negotiations ensures the development of a strong commercial relationship. We are proud to say that some of the clients from the inception of IIPs still remain clients today, some 20 years on.